Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cold, gray day but lots of ideas

The second day of the Walk on the Avenue activities was cold and gray but dry. We had over 35 people meet at 2nd Moon for coffee and pastries before starting out on walks to to the east and to the west along Franklin Avenue.

Some of the comments and ideas:
  • We have problem intersections for pedestrians and bicycles on both ends of the neighborhood--Riverside/29th Ave/Franklin Avenue and Cedar/Minnehaha/Franklin Avenue.
  • We need better signs--where is the LRT station? A map of Franklin Businesses at the LRT station, The history of Milwaukee Avenue.
  • Need retail businesses near (and next to) the LRT station.
We (the Redesign staff and volunteers from SCCA and SNG) will be going over all the notes and picutres to present a much more complete summary at our community meeting at 10:30 next Saturday at Matthews.

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