Friday, June 13, 2008

Some ideas to talk about

Ideas--visual interpretations of some of the ideas from the Task Forces. What do you think? Add comments below.

At Blue Nile--planters and trees

How about eliminating parking on the north side of Franklin for really good bike lanes?

A really interesting crosswalk

At Minnehaha and Franklin--a signature sign, painted crosswalks, small solar powered pedestrian level lighting

Planters and plantings at Northern Clay

Franklin at 25th Avenue looking north. Banner and painted wall at Northern Clan, "green street" for 25th Avenue, curb bump-outs, sculptures.

Planters and twinkle lights at Metroplace

26th Street north of Franklin (looking west toward Triangle Park)--only one lane each direction, crosswalk between Towers West and the park


Marilyn said...

All good ideas. I especially like the street painting on the crosswalk to the Seward Grocery. I'd like to see street painting on the crosswalk between the West Tower and the park. I like the idea of reducing traffic on that street to 2 lanes. I like the 25th Ave. green street ideas.

shishi said...

These are great ideas. I really like the fresh approach to many of the crosswalks and bike lanes.