Monday, September 15, 2008

Vote for your favorite welcome banner

Here are two sample banners for welcoming to Seward. We are working on getting approval to have them at the LRT station and on the fence at Triangle Park (25th Avenue--North end). These banners actually provide six options--two options for color, two options for the large text and two options for the small text.

Vote for your favorite in the poll in the right sidebar.


Reuben said...

I voted for "Welcome to Seward," because I think it's important to emphasize that you're arriving at a *place*, not a *street*. But because Franklin Avenue IS a great street worth celebrating, couldn't the words "Franklin Avenue" be worked into the design somehow, too?

Urbanopolis said...

We should make Seward the important focus and Franklin Avenue the secondary. Phillips Franklin actually has more office/retail space per capita enough that one might be confused which part of Franklin we are talking about. Since Phillips is on the verge of becoming the new cosmopolitan neighborhood, there will definitely be a little quarrel over who is the "main part" of East Franklin.