Thursday, November 13, 2008

CDC Action on Bystrom Site Road Allignment

After being presented a number of options for the connection between Minnehaha and Cedar, the Seward Neighborhood Community Development Committee voted to recommend against the "local street" option since this would not allow closing Minnehaha Avenue between Franklin and Cedar and would not improve pedestrian and bicycle access to the LRT station.

The CDC also voted to recommend that the connection be designed to Minnesota State Aid Road standards that would allow use of the connection by trucks. This alignment is a sweeping curve from Minnehaha to a new 22nd Street that connects with Cedar Avenue just north of the LRT bridge. This would allow improvements to the Franklin/Minnehaha/Cedar intersection by closing Minnehaha north of Franklin and making Minnehaha between 22nd Street a local street (not a truck rout).

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Reuben said...

It would be helpful if the information presented to the CDC was also available for download on this site. I can't find any conceptual layouts or documentation for any of the options being considered anywhere on this web site.

Realigning 22nd street (designed to MSA standards) is an acceptable plan.

I am concerned about Minnehaha Ave between 22nd St and Franklin Ave, however. I recall seeing an early concept plan that resulted in Minnehaha Avenue becoming a cul-de-sac south of Franklin. I hope this is not still being considered. I hope access between Minnehaha Ave and Franklin Ave is retained, even if it results in an unusually short block length between Franklin Ave and Cedar Ave.