Friday, May 16, 2008

Local Business/Gateways Task Force- Week 1 May 16

Vision & Values activity and discussion

This group’s emphasis was on the following areas:

  • A strong, well articulated, positive identity
  • PR/Advertising as part of identity
  • Making it comfortable
  • Express our identity in a way that attracts people from all over as well as the neighborhood
  • Franklin as a part of Seward
  • Shaking the ‘bad rap’
  • Events that reinforce the neighborhood sense of identify
Locally owned Business
  • Asset to the livability of the neighborhood
  • Attracting shoppers who then may end up wanting to work or live here
  • No franchises, no big box!
  • Diversity
  • Evening activity
  • Lighting and activity and windows
  • Balance the need for parking, the perception that we need parking, residents feeling that they don’t want commercial parking in front of their homes, successful commercial district
  • Making parking areas attractive and SAFE
  • River as a way to connect to Franklin through the neighborhood
  • Connecting the neighborhood, local businesse3s, destination businesses and Franklin.
  • Multi-modal access – more bus access, more service from the #8
  • Gateways and landmarks
Green construction/sustainability
  • A central value of the community
Destination Businesses
  • Accessibility, east access
  • Making people feel comfortable
  • Having a good reputation
  • River

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