Friday, May 16, 2008

Visual Identity / Landscape Task Force - Week 1, May 12, 2008

Vision & Values activity and discussion

This group’s emphasis was on the following areas:

Sense of Place / Arts / Identity / Locally Owned Business
  • businesses arts and identity all help create a sense of place
  • the many arty things in our neighborhood help make Seward a destination
    • artists have openings in their homes
    • Joan of Art, Cabooze, Northern Clay, Blue Nile, Coastal Seafoods, Bluegrass at 2nd Moon, Hoffman Guitars
    • The art crawl is great … more of them? More often?
  • Local businesses should line both sides of the Avenue
    • No big boxes
    • Welna Hardware is a great precedent – anchors its corner with its scale, colors etc.
  • Want to be known as a walking community
  • We need to think about what our core identity is – is there a verbal reference? A logo?
  • Places on Avenue should have character, not be cookie-cutter (like MetroPlace)
  • now, our neighborhood is beautiful and has a sense of place … once you leave Franklin
  • Extend the outdoor season (eg, blankets at restaurants for outdoor seating, shield wind with trees, etc.)
Public Spaces
  • Friendly, well-maintained/clean and inviting neighborhood gathering places where people meet, socialize, site and become neighbors
  • How do we plan for gathering places?
  • Some elements: no litter, artistic trash cans, painted phone poles, drinking fountains for people and dogs
  • A compelling/alluring place (destination) for people in and outside our community to come for art, food, rest, etc … all thins cultural, green and edible
  • Destination requires easy access, including: bike parking, bus service & shelters, car parking, walkability, LRT access, public transportation in general
  • Want to fell like a place where you want to go

Trees / Green Spaces / Green Construction / Sustainability
  • This is a core value of our community
  • Use trees and green spaces to make Franklin more inviting, safer, softer, more comfortable and cleaner for walkers and bikers – so that the community walks in all seasons
    • Solar street lights – focus light on sidewalk / pedestrians
  • Buffering
    • use clumps of small trees (birch?)
    • ex – at new co-op, trees between sidewalk and road and between sidewalk and parking lot
Connections / gateways
  • visual consistency / continuity throughout the corridor
    • use art at both ends of Franklin and throughout
    • should not seem forced
  • improve pedestrian and retail connections to LRT / LRT bike trail
  • We don’t want everything to be the same, but we do want it to all be well-maintained

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