Friday, May 16, 2008

Movement Task Force - Week 1, May 13, 2008

Vision & Values activity and discussion

This group’s emphasis was on the following areas:

Locally Owned Business
  • Basic goods and services should be available in the neighborhood – within walking distance for residents
  • Nice to be able to walk/bus from one errand to the next (trip-chaining)
  • Businesses should match community needs
  • It would be nice if businesses had bus schedules available
  • No big boxes
Sense of Place
  • Bus stops could be a gathering place – shelters/kiosks/other amenities at bus stop
  • Pedestrians and bus riders have opportunity to interact with each other (conversation) – sense of community
  • Signage is important
Public Safety
  • More people on street going to businesses makes a place safer (cyclic … more pedestrians improves safety, more safety means makes more pedestrians, repeat)
  • Pedestrian traffic (and public transit) is more sustainable and is inclusive of different economic status (don’t need to own a car)
  • Safer pedestrian/car interactions
  • Need increased visibility near LRT
Multi-Modal Access / Destinations / Accessibility
  • Want Franklin to be a destination for people inside and outside the community; however, avoid BYOC (Bring Your Own Car) … want more people to arrive by foot, bike and bus
  • Improve public transit – this allows more people to come without cars,
    • #8 and #7 bus need more service (no bus service to new co-op location on weekends)
  • For those who do arrive by car, we want them to park once they arrive, and walk between destinations in the neighborhood
    • Parking and wayfinding should be intuitive
  • Events like the walks are good because they get people out on the street, walking together – we could use more events like this
  • Lots of accessibility issues near new Co-op locations
Public Spaces
  • Franklin Avenue is a public space, not just a place to move cars – bikes and pedestrians should take a sense of ownership over the street – have places to stop and interact
  • Can parking areas be public spaces? (ex. – “Mall” by Walker Library in Uptown)
  • Discussion about edges/boundaries
  • Enhance/incorporate LRT with other systems … peds/bikes/buses
  • Better connection to adjacent neighborhoods
  • Better connection and wayfinding to other locations in our neighborhood (eg, Matthews Park)
  • Needs improvement – lots of issues near
  • Parking areas could be better designed … more green
Ease traffic flow / noise / speed
  • We don’t see Franklin as a thoroughfare or reliever for the highway … promote destination traffic instead of through traffic
  • Landscaping and transitions as you enter the neighborhood could help slow traffic

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Grace Kelly said...

Bump outs and concrete blockages are a negative. We added them on Selby and its been non-stop problems. Traffic sometimes zigs around the neighborhood just to get past something. Bricks in the street are maintence nightmare, skip that.

Trees are the best long term investment, however the soil has to be treated and cared for because basically the soil under concrete is dead. Trees need living soil.

Painting on the street, on sides of buildings, anywhere is great. Just use good paint that does degrade and become an environmental hazard. More outdoor cafes would be nice. Taking an open space and making into a weekend street garage sale would bring more traffic. Have rules so it is pretty. Be close to a coffee and sandwich shop. Have a music stage where between noon and four, anyone can showcase talent for a half hour.

Grace Kelly